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VIP Subscription (s)

$20.00 – $50.00/mo
VIP Subscription (s)
VIP Subscription (s)

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VIP Subscription (s)

$20.00 – $50.00/mo
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  • Description

Subscribe Monthly with a minimum of $20.00 per month and you will receive the VIP subscriber for your choice of each server you sign up for.

As you stay a VIP, we will hand you items in game each month as a thank you. As a VIP if you lose any items they will be replaced, plus you get everything back if there are any wipes that happen on our server as long as you’re still a VIP. If an Item is accidentally lost, misplaced or stolen, just let an admin know and we can replace it for you.


You have two ways to sign up – You can use our new Stripe set up. Where you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. All you have to do is click how many servers you want to sign up for and click Sign up now button up top.  Or you can sign up through Paypal but you don’t have all the options like Stripe offers. You can still Cancel at anytime. Just click on the Paypal sign up here –> click here


  • As being a VIP we want to thank you for becoming a VIP for the server and are offering you some in-game items. (These in-game items are just a thank you and we DO NOT accept Donations for in game currency)


  • 1 Month Replacement on all items plus one new Item (This is for VIP & Legions-VIPs only and only for the Items listed). Once you stop becoming a VIP, We will have to collect these items from each game as they are for VIP’s as a thank you.


If anything happens to your items, kindly jump in discord and put in a Support Ticket with your questions – an admin will get to you asap.


Thank You,

The 7 Legions


After you have become a VIP:

Head in to Discord and send in a support ticket. We need your initials and in-game name to match your payment so we can set to match your payment so we can setup your VIP.