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Objects                                  Items in inventory are kept on death

Looting                                 Only the owner can loot his corpse

Combat                                 Player Vs Player

World Size                            6000

Off line Looting Body         3 Days

Player Structures               Indestructible (By another Player)

Avatar Life                           Character does stay in game when logging out

List of Mods

  • Achievement System
  • Auto Stash Trips
  • Bigger Backpack
  • Bank
  • Bridge
  • Clans
  • Fishing
  • Furnace Splitter
  • Furnace Stopper
  • Kill Streaks
  • Map Air Drop
  • Night Lantern
  • Night Zombies
  • Quests
  • Quick Smelt
  • Remover Tool
  • Sign Artist
  • Sign Map
  • Stack Size Plus
  • Teleportation
  • Upgrade Workbench
  • Voter
  • LEGIONS-VIP Fire Sword
  • VIP & LEGIONS-VIP Auto Doors
  • VIP & LEGIONS-VIP Decay Hammer
  • VIP & LEGIONS-VIP Flying Carpet


  • Don’t build bases out by the Rigs. Team Members will remove them
  • Bases may have multiple TC’s if required for a base building
  • TC Locked open area are not allowed
  • Bases causing lag will be removed
  • Do not block any paths or other buildings
  • Building no closer then 0.5 grid squares from an existing base
  • Do not build close to Shore – 1.5 grid away

We reserve the right to change these rules, add new ones or adapt existing ones at anytime.