Here’s a list of helpful commands you might use frequently in this game.

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All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  / Commands have access levels.



  • /Sethome – Set your bed down and name your place.
  • /Delhome – Removes your home.


  • /Clanhelp member – Displays help.
  • /C – Send a message to all clan members.
  • /A – Send a message to all clan members and allied clans.
  • /clan create – Create a new clan.
  • /Clan join – Join a clan if you have a invite.
  • /Clan leave – Leave you current clan.


  • / – While looking at a foundation or floor, it will place a new bridge on it.
  • /Bridge.rotate – While standing on a bridge base block, it will turn the bridge 90 degrees for each use. You can only rotate your own bridges.
  • /Bridge.lock – While standing on a bridge base block, it will lock ONLY that bridge. Toggling this again will unlock the bridge. You can only lock them.
  • /Bridge.count – This will give player his current bridge count.
  • /Bridge.destroy – You can destroy your own bridge while standing on the bridge base block.”


  • /Castpole – While looking at water and holding a handmade fishing pole, this will cast a fishing line out in the water.
  • /Makepole – While holding any type of spear, type this and it will make a brand new handmade fishing pole and place it in your inventory.
  • /Fishchance – Returns the percentage chance you will catch a fish and the current time of day.


  • /Stats – Displays your stats.
  • /Statinfo – Displays information about certain skills, including server configuration.
  • /Ks – Displays your kill steaks
  • /Ks top – Displays top killstreaks.


  • /Pm – Send a private message to player.
  • /R – Reply to your most recent private message.
  • /Share – Allows you share something you are looking at.
  • /Share – Allows you to share all with specified player.


  • /Kit – See the full list of available kits.
  • /Backpack – Open your own backpack where you can keep your items.
  • /Q – Displays quest.


  • /Tpr – Sends a teleport request to the player.
  • /Tpa – Accepts an incoming teleport request.
  • /Tpc – Cancel teleport or request.
  • /Tpinfo – Shows limits and cooldowns.
  • /Tpb – Teleport back to your previous location.
  • /Warp – Opens Warp menu. Click on a name to teleport there.


  • /Licence – Help information on vehicle licenses.
  • /Mini/Ro/Rhib/Horse/Small/Large/Tcop – Buy, spawn, recall a minicopter, rowboat, rigid hulled inflatable boat, horse, small modular car, large modular car, transport helicopter, respectively.
  • /Kill – despawn current vehicle. Replace with vehicle identifier.”,