Rules and Info:

1. Keep the chat friendly – Use common sense. Don’t insult, scam, sh!t-talk or express views that go against our main guidelines. Disruptive members will be removed without notice and no all CAPS posts. 

2. No trolling – This includes simple trolling, feigning idiocy, “sh!tposting”, blatant lying, or “concern trolling”. We are a community of people with similar interests, that happens to not restrict itself to dealing with issues only in a serious manner. That is not the same as condoning moronic behavior. Our community is not the place for you to be stupid.

3. We’re here to have fun and talk about gaming. Politics, religion, and any other hot topic should be avoided.

4. Do not direct message team members, this includes devs, if you need help feel free to ask in game chat but if you want to ask a team member, please put in a support ticket.

5. 18+ are welcome under #18+ porn is not welcomed.

6. Do not post sensitive or personal information.

7. Use appropriate usernames – No blank names, no long names, no URLs, and no character breaking names. Names that contain non-standard characters or emojis are subject to moderator name change.

8. No advertising – No referral links. No buying/selling/trading stuff. No polls or surveys. No live videos of other games we don’t offer.

9. No spamming – No link, text, no posting gigantic walls of text/links; and no all CAPS posts.

10. Use common sense – No need for clarification.


To check out the in-game rules, please click on the picture for each game on the home page.

We reserve the right to change these rules, add new ones or adapt existing ones at anytime.