The 7 Legions Team Application


– 18 years or older
– No Steam VAC/EAC Bans on any account
– You are mature and will not abuse your privileges.
– Active player on our servers
– You are mature and will not abuse your privileges.
– You have a good knowledge of the server and community.
– You will report all mutes and actions taken to players to team chat.

– Good reputation in the gaming community without any recent history of being toxic.

– You have had experience moderating servers or had experience with chat moderating

– You will be able to deal with player Support Tickets

– You have good knowledge of our servers and our server community

–¬† Will you be active with our community Discord and servers and provide support when needed.

– Understanding of our servers and have the ability to be able to fix and update issues arise.

Please jump in our discord and DM “Leo the Leopard” to let him know you summited a Team Application.

Thank you,

The 7 Legions