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Objects                                  Items in inventory are kept on death

Looting                                 Only the owner can loot his corpse

Combat                                 Player Vs Environment

Farming                               x4.0

Experience                          x4.0

Slave Conversion               x.01

Item Spoil Rate Scale        x0.5

Thirst Inactive                   x.02

Be Active                             x0.2

Inactive Hunger                 x0.2

Active Hunger                    x0.2

Player Structures             Indestructible (By another Player)

Endurance Cost                 x0.3

Avatar Life                         Character does not stay in game when logging out

Fraction Thrall list           Click here

List of Mods

Click Here –> Mods List in order

Conan-Exiles Rules

Base Rules:


  • Before you build please notify a team member to see if its ok to build at that spot

  • Base size must be no more than 15×15×15 – if you are over, your base will be cut down to size whether your in-game or not
  • No bases in water – if you build in the water it will be destroyed once found
  • Bases have to be 200 steps from any spawn points and camps
  • Please have respect for others – ask to build next to another clan or be 200 steps from another clans base

  • Bases may not block access to important resources, bosses, named mobs or thralls

  • Bases may not be built anywhere outside the map that isn’t purged

  • Only Fence Foundations

  • Max 1 base per clan

  • No personal/base map rooms, We offer community portals at the mall, type /warp mall
  • 1 mine per base
  • 2 fish or crab traps per clan
  • No more than 15 defender (fighters)/dancer thralls in addition to crafting thralls
  • All thralls/pets have to have player in-game name on them


World Rules

  • We are a friendly community server that welcomes all members to our community, however we ask for you to respect the rules and admin decisions
  • Player’s stores must have objects inside them for sale (No empty thespians). After 2 days of not having anything in your store, it will be removed.
  • No pets in thespians

We reserve the right to change these rules, add new ones or adapt existing ones at anytime.