Conan-Exiles LEGIONS-VIP in-game items

  • In-Game Name Chat Color Change
  • Discord Name Chat Color Change       
  • 2 T9 Thralls
  • Flying (Angel or Lava) Wings 
  • Crystalbreaker Full Armor Set  
  • Mythical Weapon Damage Kit III – 5x
  • Mythical Weapon Penetration Kits – 5x
  • Legendary Tool Upgrade Kits – 5x
  • Mystical Healing Potions – 25x
  • 100 Scrim
  • 100 Pippi Gold
  •  Access to our LEGIONS-VIP chat room   
  •  Access to our LEGIONS-VIP Lounge 
  • 1 Tamed Pet
  • Kronyx Steel Longsword
  • Enhanced Kronyx Pickaxe 
  • Enhanced Kronyx Pick
  • Enhanced Kronyx Hatchet
  • Enhanced Kronyx Knife
  • Enhanced Kronyx Cleaver  
  • Kronyx Sickle
  • As being a LEGIONS-VIP Subscriber, we want to thank you for helping out the servers and are offering you some in-game items. (These in-game items are just a thank you and we DO NOT accept Donations for in game currency)

  • 1 Month Replacement on all items (This is for LEGIONS-VIP Subscribers only and only for the Items listed above).

  • If anything happens to your items, kindly jump in discord and put in a Support Ticket with your questions – an admin will get to you asap.

Thank You,

The 7 Legions

We reserve the right to change LEGIONS-VIP items, removing, add new ones or adapt existing ones at anytime.