Here’s a list of helpful commands you might use frequently in this game.

Please use the drop down menu to find the other Commands for our other games.

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  / Commands have access levels.



  •  /SethomeTell the bot where your home to be and the ability to teleport home.
  • /HomeTakes you to your Base.
  • /BuildInfoShows you what you can build.



  • /HelpList commands to help you.
  • /Whoami – This shows you who you are.
  • /Me – Changes your name color.
  • /Heatmap – Shows you the Heatmap.
  • /WhisperThis is where you can private chat with a friend.
  • /KillDie. Be Strong, Stand Strong. Die with your weapon in your hand.
  • /List PlayersList all players online.
  • /List Clans – List all clans.
  • /List AdminList all admin online.
  • /list kitsList what Kits we offer.
  • /KitShows you what kits we offer.
  • /RollRoll to see your numbers, You work with your friends to see who gets grabs at the items.
  • /FlipFlip a coin – Another name to grab items with your friends.
  • /AFKYou got it – YOU ARE NOW AFK!
  • /RulesList our rules.
  • /ActSet your Actor name.
  • /MeteorGuess what – Meteors inbound!
  • /Sandstorm – A sandstorm will appear.
  • /TimeShows server time.
  • /Do Do a action.


  • /WalletShows you how much Gold, Silver and Bronze you have.
  • /PaydayWants some Gold, Silver or Bronze for your wallet – try this command!
  • /PayPay a player.
  • /CurrencyShows you how much you have in your wallet.
  • /Currency AddAdd currency to someone’s wallet.
  • /Currency RemoveWallet That’s right – Remove currency.



  • /WarpLets you warp to a location.
  • /Return – Takes you back to the spot you where just at.
  • /Teleport – TPR &  TPA .
  • /Tprequest – Lets you Request a TP.
  • /Tpaccept – Lets you Accept a TP.