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Difficulty                                                Warrior

Player Killing                                          PVE

Cycle 24h                                                  60 Minutes

Daylight Duration                                   18

Zombie Day Speed                                  Walk

Zombie Night Speed                               Sprint

Feral Zombie Speed                                Sprint

Zombie Max                                              80

Animal Max                                               40

EXP Multiplier                                         300%

Damage Per Player Block                       100%

Damage Per AI Block                               100%

Loot Galore                                                100%

Loot Respawn Time                                 3 Days

Drop on Death                                           Nothing

Drop on Quit                                              Nothing

Zombie Count on Blood Moon                8 Enemies

Air Supplies                                                Every 36 Hours

Mark Supplies                                            Activated

List of Mods


  • 7 Legions Starter Gear:
  • 7 Legions Wicked Garden:
  • 7 Legions Canned Food:
  • 7 Legions Backpack: 
  • 7 Legions Redwood:
  • 7 Legions Super Nail Gun:
  • 7 Legions Ammo Disassembly:
  • 7 Legions Kitchen:
  • 7 Legions Guns:

Our 7 Legion Guns are tier guns.


Current Other Mods:

  • Allocs Live Map – Live map of our world
  • Botman – Zeus
  • 3 Slot Forge By: KhaineGB – 3 slots in the forge
  • 8 Mod Slot by: All_Death_Song – More slots for weapons and tools
  • AutoMiner by: Snufkin – Lets you make Iron, coal and other items with our new AutoMiner
  • Custom Perks By: Zuzulol – Prestige v 3.01
  • Custom Zombies By: Snufkin – Adds more custom zombies to the game
  • 42_New_Dyes_Workstation by: HH – 42 new dyes, plus a dye machine
  • Larger Stack Size by: HH – All block stacks are 20000
  • Lights by: PHD – Added mod for all lights to work
  • Screen Splash background and in-game crafting screen by: Ragnarok – shows our really cool Splash Screen before you enter game and in-game
  • Vehicles by: Snufkin – Added Jet Pack, HellBeast and other custom vehicles

Server Rules:

7 Days to Die Rules:

  • No cheating/exploiting
  • Respect all players
  • No racial/homophobic/hate speech
  • No base raiding
  • No more than 30 trees per person
  • Do not block off access to map locations
    This is an instant and permanent ban. No questions asked!
  • Np drop mining
  • LCBs need to be 500 blocks away from the mall

All LCBs will be removed as we see fit if it violates the rules on allowed locations.

We reserve the right to change these rules, add new ones or adapt existing ones at any time.